Keeping your commercial space in a prim and proper condition and maintaining a welcoming environment requires more than just standard cleaning. It demands deep cleaning. And, we, at Extreme Cleaning, are masters of this art. With our unique specialty services and backed by a team of highly skilled professionals, Extreme Cleaning ensures that every inch of your commercial facility is cleaned with utmost precision. From windows to hidden corners, restrooms to the main areas, we pay attention to even the minutest of details. Our list of deep commercial cleaning services include:

Common Areas

We take special care of common areas as they’re accessed by almost everyone – customers, clients, and even your employees. We ensure they sparkle all day long.

  • Wiping down skirting boards
  • Cleaning fingerprint spots from light switches
  • Vacuum cleaning the carpets and mopping the floors
  • Cleaning mirrors, wall marks, or any glass surfaces
  • Removing cobwebs


We ensure your pantry remains neat and clean always.

  • Neatly scrubbing and mopping the floor toensure they spark all the time
  • Wiping cupboard fronts and appliances
  • Cleaning door frames, light switches, and skirting boards


Extreme Cleaning ensures your restrooms remain germ-free and contaminant-free.

  • Scrubbing, disinfecting and descaling toilets
  • Scrubbing tiles and fittings
  • Cleaning sinks, vanities, and mirrors
  • Mopping the floor and maintaining supplies